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Jerry Yan - Arrival n Departure KLIA

with HK, China, Thailand, etc Jai mei's
while waiting for him
with Indonesian jia mei's
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credit to eyka, erenah, sarah, aziera, michele, rachel n others

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World Vision - Jerry Yan's Visit to Malaysia Press Conference

1st appearance on stage
shuai oo
interview by mc
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As the 1st World Vision ambassador and also a child sponsor, Jerry was coming to Malaysia to promote World Vision Child Sponsorship.
This event takes place at Uncle Chili’s PJ Hilton on 28th November 2006.
We start queue for registration at about 0830 (please refer to itinerary).
It’s very good to see him again after about one year (the Oral-B programmed). After take a sit, there’s a video about Jerry visit his sponsored child at Mongolia (so nice to see him play around with children – he himself naturally likes children) then the WV Malaysia chairman gives a speech to welcome all the reporter and audience. He explains about WV and their target.
After that its Jerry turns to be on stage. A loud applause was given to him (hehe of course la because the place is filled by his fans). He looks good and so shuai. He is being interviewed by the mc and then the question-answer session for reporters. Because I can’t understand Mandarin, I just stare and take a good look at him in peace hehe (there’s no need to push and struggle like at airport) until one reporter ask him a question in English – he really concentrate and nodded his head while listening, but his English also not so good so after the interpreter finish translating the question he respond in English “Very good question, thank you” haha feel so good to hear he talk in English, at least he try. Jia you Jerry! He did cough a few times, poor Jerry he didn’t get enough rest and he did not feeling well since he came back from Japan. Hope he can take a good care of himself besides being busy with charity event. After the session, Jerry went to other interview (still inside Uncle Chilli’s) for media while the reporters and audience were being served for breakfast. After eat a few yummy cakes, Ida and I try to peep where Jerry is and we spotted him. After a while a WV crew realizes and ask us to move to the other side, so we just waiting for him to out. After he finished his job there, together we follow and walk with him until he reaches lift to go back to his hotel room.
* pic during Jerry arrival (27th Nov) and departure (28th Nov) at KLIA will be post later together with newspaper and magazine cutting

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Oral-B Presents D Secrets Behind Tat Healthy Smile wit Jerry Yan

Q for registration
table arrangements
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19th October – Received sms from Michelle that she already received a letter from Oral-B telling her that she won a prize to see Jerry this 29th October, WOW! Feel so excited for her. She reminds me to check my letter box.

20th October – Wait for postmen. Here he comes! And he did pass a letter with Gillette logo for me haha so happy! Read the letter and it say that I can bring another friend. This is so goooooooood…I’ve decide to invite Lissa. We start knew each other from OnlyF4 forum. We never met before so I think this is a good time to see her and she happily accepts it…

28th October – Jerry flight arrived at KLIA at about 1.40pm. He wear green shirt with cap. Cannot join other fans welcome him at airport have some other things to do.

29th October – It’s the day! But I must keep the excitement first because I have an exam at 2.30-3.30 pm huhu pity me struggling in the morning for revision while Jerry visit Confucius school to tell about ‘the secret behind that healthy smile’ and Oral-B to the students. But it’s ok, I’ll see him later. Straight away go to JW Marriot for the event after test finish – the real exam time is 3-4pm, already inform lecturer I need to go earlier for something important hehe… Now I feel so excited!!! The event starts at about 5 pm. Its start with 3 fans sing Yi Gong Chi and he come out and sing together with them... oh no he looks so thin... He must work hard for his White Tower drama. I hope he can gain weight after this… Still he keeps smiling and looks happy… I’m not sure my feeling right know, I just feel good that at last I can see him again since his last visit to M’sia two years back to promote Magic Kitchen movie at GSC Midvalley. The Oral-B event continues with Oral-B model game, basketball game, birthday celebration and Q & A session. Before leaving he sang Zhen de Zhen de Hen Ai Ni. This great events finish at about 8 pm. Ah forget to tell that I meet with a new Malay fans...wa!!! this is great!! great!! Its good to meet Ida and her sis Kak Siti that as crazy as me hahahah

30th Oct – Yesterday event still playing on my mind hmmmm… day dreaming... Today I can join other fans to send him back at KLIA. I feel sad because don’t know when will I see him again His flight back to Taipei is at 3.10pm. We arrive at KLIA at about 12.30pm. While we waiting, suddenly we saw Fenny (Jerry’s assistant). Michelle ask me to passed my letter for Jerry to her so its confirm Jerry will received it (because we not sure whether we can be near Jerry or not later). It’s considered good that I can talk to his assistant (the one with green/black blouse) haha. After wait for a moment then we saw the vans that carry Jerry hoho here he comes with orange shirt and wear sunglasses. This is what happens:
Extra Note : To people who are taking the below translation, Do make sure you ONLY CREDIT Xiujuan @ for the translation . No extra credits should be given and no changes must be made to the translation. Thanks for your cooperation.

Fans waited hard for 3 hours, Sends Jerry off from Malaysia

A group of around 20 to 30 fans have been waiting early in the morning at Malaysia's International airport's lobby. Among, there were even malay fans. After waiting for around 3 and a half hours and knew that Jerry was going to arrive at the airport, they all ran to the airport door to wait. In their hands, they were holding on to the CD and his banners to support him.

As his immigrations matters were already settled by the crew, Jerry arrived at the airport 35 minutes before the flight flys. The moment he got down the car, fans started to call his english name "Jerry" crazily. With the securities opening up for him, Jerry, wearing his shades, orange jacket and black jeans kept walking towards the gate. Fans were tailing fast behind him and shouted, "Jia you, Jerry! Remember to come to Malaysia...."Jerry turned his face and smiled. A fan make use of the time to shake his hand and he did not reject.

When he reached the immigrations, fans couldn't get near to him anymore. They all stood upstairs and waved goodbye to him, silently seeing their idol's backview leaving.

Thanks to GuangMing Ri Bao.
31st Oct 2005

I did shout his name too hehe ‘Jerry!’ and he turn to me “Jerry, ni…hmmm hmmm” haha I forget what to say... Thanks to other JM’s that help me finish the sentence ‘Jerry, ni yi ding yao cai lai ma lai xi ya’ (Please come again to M’sia) He keep smiling and smiling and smiling, so cute…When he done the check-in he did turn back to us upstairs and waved goodbye... Bye bye Jerry hope to see you again, take care...

**Thanks to kak Pah selalu bagi pinjam digicam, terima kasih daun keladi ya… and also to other JM's xie xie ni!!


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